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Quality physiotherapy does not need to be expensive and out of reach. Life Ready Physio makes sure that all our clients receive the best treatments by expanding in areas that are safe, peaceful and accessible.

Reliable Physio Program

Life Ready Physio continues to expand its reach by building more clinics in Western Australia, including our physio clinic near Maylands. Our company is committed to providing high quality physiotherapy services that clients can experience in different locations.

We focus on collaborative care. This approach makes sure that our clients meet their physical goals with the help of our trusted therapists. The area also helps aid severe physical injuries by providing fresh air and breathtaking views. Life Ready Physio believes that a good location contributes to a patient’s overall health and outlook in life.

A Range of Physiotherapy Services

Life Ready Physio offers a range of physiotherapy services to clients who have diverse needs. Our clinic provides Dry Needling to people who are suffering from tight muscles, postural problems, muscle strains, muscle spasm and tennis elbow. This dry-needling technique releases knots and trigger points, which increases blood circulation and muscle relaxation.

People who have physiological disorders can try our Hydrotherapy Program. The treatment uses natural buoyancy in assisting a patient’s recovery from severe injuries and extreme muscle pain. The program also helps the elderly with arthritis or osteoporosis, and athletes who would like to improve their water contact.  

We also offer Gym Rehabilitation to people suffering from rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis and musculoskeletal disorders. By using state of the art gym equipment, the program gradually improves a person’s physical problems through gentle exercise.

Life Ready Physio provides Clinical Pilates and Sports Physiotherapy to people who suffer from back and neck pain, headaches, chronic pain, whiplash, neurological conditions and sport injury. Our services are suitable for people of all ages, including pregnant women and the elderly.

If you are looking for a trusted physio near Maylands area, contact us today. Whether you want to cure a recurring body pain or improve your overall physical performance, Life Ready Physio is here to help you.

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