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The Life Ready Physiotherapists are experts at biomechanics and using exercises to address muscle, joint, bone and nerve issues. As such using a gym is traditionally the most common form of injury prevention, healing and improving performance.

A gym rehab programs is when our physiotherapists use our state of the art gym equipment to deal with your pain, improve your performance and function or prevent future re-injury.

Who can Gym Rehabilitation help?

A gym rehabilitation program is appropriate for almost anybody except those who are acutely injured. The best way is to speak to one of the Life Ready physiotherapists or your local GP however here are a list of some of the the conditions we treat

  • Performance - Elite athletes to increase performance
  • Injury prevention - those with previous injuries or on their way to healing from injuries
  • Rheumatoid Arthritis and Osteoarthritis management
  • Workers compensation and Insurance
  • Any musculoskeletal or ergonomic disorder

How can I find out more about Gym Rehabilitation?

  • Simply call one of our lovely receptionists to arrange a time for an assessment with one of our physiotherapists.
  • Our physio will then assess you and sit down and write up a plan with you. (With the eventual goal self-management that you would be educated and independently able to continue an injury free way of life!)

Book in at a Life Ready clinic today for your first consult and we’ll write a customised treatment plan tailored for your injury.

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