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Sports Physio in Perth

What is sports physiotherapy?

  • Sports physios specialise in issues and injuries that are related to sports people.
  • A gym rehab programs is when our physiotherapists use our state of the art gym equipment to deal with your pain, improve your performance and function or prevent future re-injury.

Who will sports physiotherapy help?

  • Athletes put extreme demand and stress on their bodies and in particular their muscles. Our sports physiotherapists in Perth can help prevent future damage and injuries and also help athletes with recovery.
  • Our sports physios in Perth have extensive knowledge on injuries that can arise while playing sport and therefore can help you overcome these.

How can I get involved?

  • Simply contact one of our receptionists to arrange a time for a sports physio assessment.
  • Our sports physio will then assess you and sit down and write up a custom plan with you.

Life Ready Physio has fully trained sports physiotherapists that can help you with sports injuries.

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