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Corporate Occupational Health

Life Ready Physio Corporate and Occupational Health Services was born out of a clear need for education surrounding injuries in the workplace. There’s an alarming yet common thread between an individual’s workplace environment – and a lack of education around healthy workplace habits. This in turn leads to injury and pain; bearing significant impact to the business with lost time, lack of productivity and sick days taken.

Our approach

1. Meet & greet:
The initial consultation is free of charge. We meet with you to discuss your business, in particular the health needs of your workplace and your staff.

2. Define the issues:
We identify the key health problems, offer intervention recommendations and set goals.

3. Implementation:
We implement this set of recommendations – working on getting your team injury free, and working at maximum efficiency.

4. Completion report and review:
We go through a detailed report with you summarising the interventions performed, the outcomes and our future recommendations.

Your Benefits

  • Healthier staff
  • More productive staff
  • Happier staff
  • Less injuries
  • Less unnecessary time on suitable duties
  • Less unnecessary time off work
  • Less WorkCover claims

Our point of difference

We provide advice and services based on the best available evidence.

Measurable Outcomes
We are diverse but united behind our mission.

Culture Change
We advocate a safety-first culture where staff are encouraged to respect, communicate, learn and play an active role in their safety.

End To End Service
We provide comprehensive solutions based on your needs.

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Our Services

We provide a range of corporate and occupational health services, which we tailor to suit your business.

Life Ready Corporate Wellness Programs

We provide corporate wellness programs to businesses of varying sizes. All of these programs can be customised to suit the needs of your business. Our corporate wellness programs aim to keep your staff happy and healthy and build a positive culture within your workplace. We strongly believe having happy and healthy staff improves their productivity and efficiency, reduces absenteeism and risk of injury as well as increasing staff retention. To achieve these benefits we offer a range of services.

We come to your workplace and set up a clinic. At this ‘in-house clinic’ we provide one on one consultations with your staff. We assess and treat your staff with injuries, pain or discomfort, providing them with treatment plans to get them back to full health and maximum efficiency at work. We also offer consultations to your staff who are not yet injured but based on our assessment may be at risk of developing certain conditions. We develop an injury prevention program for them keeping them happy and healthy. We also offer VIP rates for your staff who attend one of our Melbourne clinics for physiotherapy.

Mat Pilates
Our Pilates instructors conduct ‘in-house’ Mat Pilates sessions at your workplace. We provide this service to get your staff moving which is great for their physical and mental health. Mat Pilates consists of core strengthening exercises (beneficial for posture and preventing back conditions), stretching exercises (excellent for relieving tightness and pain from static postures or repetitive movements) and functional strengthening (allowing your staff to move more efficiently). As well as these physical benefits Mat Pilates is great for reducing stress and improving concentration and attention of your staff. We also offer VIP rates for your staff who attend one of our Melbourne clinics for Mat Pilates.

Similar to our physiotherapy service, we come to your workplace and set up a massage clinic. Our massage therapists provide hands-on treatment to reduce muscle tightness and tension that has developed from prolonged static postures, physical work or a heavy workload. You can count on your staff being more relaxed and less stressed after our therapists have conducted their clinic. We also offer VIP rates for your staff who attend one of our Melbourne clinics for massage.

Similar again to our physiotherapy and massage services, we come to your workplace and set up a clinic. One-on-one consults are provided to your staff where they learn about healthy eating and have their diet reviewed. A healthy diet plays a significant role in preventing chronic diseases and ensuring optimal physical condition. Some of the benefits for your staff include less absenteeism and better productivity.

Education sessions
We believe your staff should be empowered to take control of their own health. They should have to knowledge to live a healthy lifestyle with confidence. They should know that they are making the right decisions about their health and developing good habits. But mental and physical health isn’t always simple. For this reason, we offer a range of education sessions to enable your staff to meet their health challenges and achieve their health goals. This service can include techniques to reduce stress and education on how to practice mindfulness. This will help your business develop a culture where your staff take responsibility for their own health.

Life Ready Onsite

Early intervention physiotherapy for treatment of injured staff
We recognise the importance of early intervention treatment to keep your staff at work and ensure they recover and return to normal duties as quickly as possible. Being Onsite allows us to treat the injury straight away. This means your staff are getting the best possible advice without delay. Being Onsite also allows us to assess the work environment and understand the cause of their injury. This promotes recovery at work on suitable duties and prevents similar injuries to other staff members.

Job task analyses
We are able to develop (and review your existing) job task analyses. These documents are very important in the workplace. They detail the requirements of jobs and allow for recommendations to reduce the risk of injury, for example equipment and task rotation. They tell you what injuries your staff might be at risk of sustaining and they assist in implementing injury management strategies to prevent them. They can also be used to identify appropriate duties for a worker certified fit for suitable duties.

Ergonomic and risk assessments
We conduct assessments of your work environment and provide recommendations to optimise your workspace and ensure it is safe for your staff. Spending prolonged periods of time in unfavourable postures and positions places the body at risk of injury. Recommendations from ergonomic assessments keep your staff safe, healthy, at work and productive. Examples of this include desk and workstation assessments. However, there are other factors at play in the workplace when it comes to predisposing staff to injury. These include work environment layout, equipment and procedures. We perform risk assessments identify any such issues and reduce risk of injury.

Training sessions
We believe your staff should be educated so they have the necessary knowledge to be safe and avoid injury at work. We believe your staff should be empowered to take control of their health in the workplace. To achieve this we can provide training sessions for your staff. Examples include presentations on manual handling training and injury prevention strategies.

Life Ready Clinics

Early intervention physiotherapy for treatment of injured staff
We recognise the importance of early intervention treatment to keep your staff at work and ensure they recover and return to normal duties as quickly as possible. For this reason, we prioritise appointments for your staff who have been injured at work. We custom design your early intervention physiotherapy program to your business’ needs ensuring your staff receive the best in-clinic physiotherapy service and you have a simple, easy to access program. In addition, we always aim to avoid the need for a claim by emphasising self-management, minimising services provided and using evidence-based treatment. We are also able to write certificates of capacity for your injured staff.

Workers’ compensation claims treatment for injured staff
We provide full service workers’ compensation claims treatment for your injured staff. We recognise the importance of good communication when managing such cases and ensure communication is managed well between the employer, insurance company, treating doctor, patient and any other relevant party if required. Our physiotherapists are committed to ensure your staff achieve a safe and durable return to normal duties and develop treatment/rehabilitation programs to deliver these outcomes.

Injury prevention physiotherapy
We provide physiotherapy to staff who have not yet been injured.
Why do we do this? We do this to prevent injuries that your staff are predisposed to based on their history of past injuries, the requirements of the job for which they are applying and our findings on physical examination. We then implement injury prevention strategies typically consisting of an exercise program (strengthening and stretching exercises), education and lifestyle advice.

Functional exercise programs
We provide functional exercise programs both for groups and individuals. These programs are conducted by our physiotherapists and Pilates instructors to get your staff fitter, stronger and more flexible. This results in your staff being more efficient and productive at work as well as less likely to get injured. These programs are custom-designed to the needs of your business and your staff and are conducted using the equipment in our clinic gyms.