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Corporate Health

Life Ready Physio excels in providing end-to-end solutions for employee occupational health and safety and wellness management. We recognise the value of having healthy and fit staff to deliver a high quality service, and can equip like-minded businesses with the same. From before they begin, employees will be in good hands as we ensure their optimal fitness for work through our Corporate Health initiatives.


We can screen candidates based on specific requirements and provide consultations and reporting to assist businesses in making the best decision about their team

Our commitment to ensure people find their best quality of life serves in good stead as we provide a full-service offering to ensure they are enabled to deliver at work, through:


Our consultants will conduct assessments and provide recommendations to optimise workspaces. This includes manual handling training and solutions for high frequency/high risk tasks

Onsite physiotherapy and injury management

We have long-standing experience in delivering interventions and solutions to reduce injury rates and absenteeism

  • Data analytics
  • Health and safety apps
  • Safety management system

We also provide consultancy as OHS Management System auditors so that all compliance and regulatory requirements continue to be met and businesses are on a sustainable path to continuous improvement. This includes:

  • Compliance
  • Risk management
  • OHS management systems and auditing

We also provide full-service worker’s compensation and claims treatment, in addition to partnering with businesses to develop an approach to mitigating these risks.

We have made waves in the allied health industry for our unique approach and offering, so are well attuned to cultural change and transformation. Life Ready Corporate has a network of Life Ready Physio and Life Ready affiliated clinics across Australia, providing high quality clinical assessment, treatment and management for employees alongside our Employee Assistance Program (EAP). These services include physiotherapy, exercise physiology, dietetics, podiatry, remedial massage, rehabilitation programs and Clinical Pilates – moving employees to a new trajectory of health and wellness that is intrinsically motivated and sustainable.

For more information on Corporate Health, or for information on how Life Ready can help your work environment, phone 9322 1146.