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Hi, I'm Libby Borman!

Women’s Health Physiotherapist at Yokine

“In 1998 I finished year 12 and the TER, and I needed to make a decision about going to university or taking a gap year. I had a very in-depth discussion with my older sister, who helped me realise that I enjoyed being around people and helping them. At high school, I had several physiotherapists help me recover from sporting injuries. They inspired me to go to university and become a physiotherapist.”

Libby studied at Curtin University, graduating in 2002 and then went back to further her studies in 2007, obtaining her Graduate Certificate in Clinical Physiotherapy, specialising in Continence and Women’s Health. She now enjoys developing a relationship and establishing trust with her clients and loves that as a physiotherapist, she is able to meet many different types of people.

Libby is passionate about the women’s and men’s health area of physiotherapy – helping people with bladder or bowel problems and pelvic or sexual intercourse related pain. “I love being able to help women with any problems that come up

during or after pregnancy and if I can help someone beat the challenge of breastfeeding, I feel very successful.”

Outside of work with our Yokine team, Libby likes to spend time with her family and come up with fun adventures to do with her children. She also loves to bake, and then eating the yummy results!

As an experienced practitioner, Libby has a wide range of physiotherapy knowledge and integrates it with essential life skills to be a successful clinician, and enjoys being able to make men, women and children feel comfortable to discuss all sorts of private matters which is important to really understanding their problems.

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