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Leadership Team

Group Management
Sarah Morris
Acting Chief Operations Officer
The person who turns chaos into strategy and ensures all areas of our business have what they need to do what they do, well.
Jessica Laurs (Ellison)
Chief Operations Officer (Currently on maternity leave)
The person who makes sure what we do is done well.
Jakub Chudy
General Manager & Physiotherapist - Life Ready Physio + Pilates
The person who keeps our clinics passionate and innovative.
Yan Pin Lim
General Manager & Physiotherapist - Life Ready Mobile
The person who ensures our Life Ready Mobile team are well taken care of.
Craig Hutchison
WA State Manager & Physiotherapist - Life Ready Mobile
The person who juggles everything operational, ensuring things run as smoothly as possible, for everyone.
Darren Lau
VIC State Manager & Physiotherapist - Life Ready Mobile
The person who bridges the gaps between our operations team, staff and clients.
Janelle Mann
Head of Business Improvement
The person who takes the lead in transforming our business processes.
Mark Hutchinson
Head of Digital Marketing
The person who helps us capture, stimulate and convert sales. 
Anita Alves
Financial Controller
The person in charge of organising the money and bills.
Namrata Khanna
People & Culture Manager
The person who helps us look after great people.
Brooke Jackson
Internal Communications
The person who helps us communicate with each other and with you.
Andrew Lange
Recruitment Officer & Physiotherapist
The person in charge of finding great talent.
Lauren Oates
Admin Operations Manager
The person who provides high level administrative support to our people.
Clinic Partners & Executives
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Our Culture

Our Culture

We are family

Family takes care of its own. Above all things, we are in this together regardless of which clinic we are a part of.

We share knowledge

Our improvement is fast tracked with the collective intelligence of the many. We openly share and collaborate to ensure every patient case is solved and every physio improves.

Always improving

We do not have to be the biggest but we do have to be the best. The only way we will be the benchmark for the industry is in our consistent recognition that we can always improve.

Give 100% to the patient every time

Every patient. Every appointment. 100%. We give them our best every time. That’s what they deserve when they step into a Life Ready clinic.

Our Partners