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Our Team at Life Ready Baldivis

Our patients are our number one priority. From the every day family, working professional, tradie, athlete and fitness enthusiast, to the busy mum and workers compensation recipient. Whatever you need, we are here for you.
Partner Luke Tham
Luke Tham
Managing Partner & Physiotherapist

Luke graduated from Curtin University and has worked extensively in musculoskeletal and sports physiotherapy private practice.

He takes a strong hands-on manual therapy biased approach to musculoskeletal, occupational and sports injuries, and uses a variety of skills including; spinal mobilisation, dry needling, trigger point and myofascial therapy, biomechanical-postural assessment and correction, exercise rehabilitation and orthotics prescription.

His passion in physiotherapy relates to meeting the needs of a wide range of clientèle; work and occupational injuries, musculoskeletal and sports injuries, spinal back and neck pain, post surgery rehabilitation and developmental conditions in adolescents.

Having competed in state-level sports and also having served three years in the military back in Singapore, Luke personally understands too well the impact and frustrations of injuries, and the pain and time off sports. As such, he has been involved in Perth’s community sports scene as both a sports trainer and physiotherapist in the last decade.

Luke has comprehensive experience managing injured athletes in sports ranging from footy, rugby, soccer, netball, basketball, hockey, to swimming, gymnastics and competition cheer-leading.

In his spare time, Luke is an avid English Premier League Football and UFC-MMA fan, enjoys great food and music, and loves spending time with his family. He is married with two girls and is hoping to complete both a Masters in Sports Physiotherapy and MBA in the next few years.

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Tim O’Donovan

The first time he attended a physio appointment, Tim knew that was what he wanted to do! It was a career that he saw himself being able combine his interest for the human body and rehabilitation with his strong passion for everything sport related. Since then, it has evolved to being in a unique position to help people getting back to the things that they love to do!

Johannesburg born, Tim lived seven years in Botswana, seven years in Tanzania and attended boarding school in South Africa until the age of 16 where he moved to Perth to finish his schooling, followed by his university studies at UWA and Curtin.

“I love being able to interact with people from all different walks of life and finding out what motivates people to achieve their absolute best. I also love that physiotherapy is a constantly changing profession with lots of ongoing research and that there are always way to improve on my physiotherapy skills to produce the best possible outcomes for my clients.”

Tim really enjoys treating and managing sports related injuries and being able to help individuals get back to their best on and off the field. He also has a strong interest in the management of tendon pain, knee injuries, neck pain and headaches as well as post operative rehabilitation, especially ACL rehabilitation.

Outside of work, Tim spends his time with his fiancé, friends and family or heads down to the beach or river with his sidekick golden retriever.

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Ellen Keijsers

Ellen graduated from Avans University in the Netherlands in 2008 and has since been working as a musculoskeletal physiotherapist in private practices. After migrating to Australia in 2015 and living in Melbourne for a little over two years, she decided to leave the cold weather behind and settle down in Perth.

As a physiotherapist, Ellen aims for the highest standard of care and loves working together with her clients to achieve their goals. Her clinical interest is very broad, but she has a keen interest in the comprehensive management of musculoskeletal pain, sporting injuries and pre and post-surgical rehabilitation. She has a special clinical interest in gymnastics given her own extensive background -competing in both regional and national women’s artistic gymnastics.

Ellen’s clinical approach uses a variety of treatment modalities including manual therapy, taping, dry needling, Clinical Pilates, advanced exercise prescription and education to obtain the best results for her clients.

Outside of work, Ellen enjoys being active outdoors and she loves kitesurfing, wakeboarding, cycling and long walks.

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Rachel Oberholzer
Paediatric Physiotherapy

Rachel completed her physiotherapy degree in South Africa in 2007 and has worked in private practice for the last 10 years treating only paediatric clients.

She developed a very strong interest in managing acute respiratory conditions, developmental delays (in especially premature babies), Cerebral Palsy, Plagiocephaly/Torticollis and newborn behavior and relocated to Rockingham in March 2018.

Rachel has a play-based approach to facilitating movement and strength development in children. She provides activities for play and home exercise programs, and is passionate in developing tailored programs that support children and their families to work towards their goals and increase their independence and confidence in managing their child’s condition.

Rachel is a dedicated wife to her husband, mother to her two children Hans and Milan, and loves to exercise in the outdoors and spend time with her family exploring the beautiful landscapes of Australia.

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Hideaki Edo

Edo graduated from Curtin University with a Master of Clinical Physiotherapy (Musculoskeletal), and a previous Bachelor of Science (Physiotherapy). Prior to this, Edo completed his physiotherapy studies in Japan, and worked extensively in
the public hospital system where he gained significant experience in treating a variety of conditions such as post-operative orthopaedics patients, neurological and musculoskeletal conditions before coming to Australia to further his specialisation.

Edo has since worked comprehensively in private practice treating a wide range of musculoskeletal and sports injury conditions. His passion and interest in physiotherapy lies in identifying the main contributing factors for the client’s experience of pain and disability. He utilises a variety of treatment techniques such as joint mobilisation and manipulation, dry needling, and tailored exercises for addressing daily musculoskeletal, occupational, as well as sports related injuries.

Furthermore, through his post graduate training, he has gained significant understanding of chronic/complex pain presentation. He believes that providing treatment and management, has to be based on thorough individualised assessment to target the client’s suffering and experiences.

Currently, Edo is involved in teaching, writing and translating books to the Japanese physiotherapy community. In his spare time, he travels frequently as a guest speaker to Japan to give talks at universities and physiotherapy seminars. Outside of work and travelling, Edo is an avid photographer, enjoys fishing, reading, and working out at the gym.

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Vanessa Luu
Currently on maternity leave

Vanessa graduated from the University of Sydney with a Masters of Physiotherapy and prior to this, completed a Bachelors of Exercise and Sport Science at the Australian Catholic University in Melbourne. She was born and raised in Melbourne and is now happily living Perth.

Since the age of eight, Vanessa has played a number of sports including tennis, badminton, netball and table tennis and having undergone two ACL reconstructions due to her love of sport, this sparked her interest in the human body and the field musculoskeletal physiotherapy. With this experience, she strives to provide personal care and understanding with every patient and will implement up-to-date evidence-based treatment.

Vanessa has a strong interest in treating a variety of conditions including, but not limited to, knee injuries, lower back and neck pain, shoulder disorders and sporting injuries. Her belief is to individualise programs that combine effective manual therapy treatment with a strong exercise based program to reach her client’s full potential.

With previous experience in personal training, her passion to stay fit and healthy has never been stronger. A self-proclaimed gym junkie, she hopes to one day compete in bikini competitions, despite constantly battling her archenemies – chocolate and frequent café brunch outings.

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Jubilee Viforj

After studying sports science at The University of Western Australia in 2011, Jubilee completed his physiotherapy degree at Curtin University where he showed a keen interest in paediatrics in his final year placement. As a result of original yoga stories that he wrote and used as an innovative treatment tool for his young patients, he was awarded the APA Paediatric Physiotherapy Student of the Year 2017.

“I always wanted to work in a hands on role and also have a way of seeing the best in people even if they don’t see it themselves. I wanted to use these traits in conjunction with my role as a group fitness instructor to empower people to be their best selves. Physiotherapy enables me to combines all of these.”

Since graduating, Jubilee has combined his keen interests in human movement with his clinical skills as a physiotherapist to work in private practice physiotherapy, treating a wide variety of musculoskeletal presentations. He especially enjoys working with those who suffer from gym or exercise related restrictions, educating his clients on optimising lifestyle factors to reduce pain and treating spine related presentations such as low back pain or neck conditions.

“I like being able to interact with people all day. I love that though these interactions I am able to change someone’s day or week and tangibly improve their quality of life. This makes it more than a job to earn money – it’s fulfilment for me as an individual.”

Jubilee also undertakes a leadership role in the group fitness community as a Body Balance instructor, and having been involved for many years as a group fitness instructor and personal trainer, he is able to fully understand common gym-related injuries.

Jubilee is currently working on a children’s yoga picture book aimed at kids aged 2-8 to introduce them to mindfulness practice and freedom of expression through movement. He also spends his free time in the ocean, 4WDing or camping as much as he can in the summer!

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Ken Nakama

Ken’s high school teacher noted his passion for human biology and movement, his skills in sports, and recommended that he looked into a career of physiotherapy. Since then, Ken has achieved his dream of graduating from Curtin University and becoming a physiotherapist – working in musculoskeletal and sports physiotherapy.

His approach to physiotherapy utilises all of the available resources, using a combination of manual therapy (massage, mobilisations and dry needling), taping, orthotics prescription, exercise and education to help people achieve their goals.

Ken has a strong focus on involving clients in their recovery and believes that the whole person needs to be treated, not just the injury.

“Meeting my clients and understanding their journey is my favourite thing about being a physio. I love how the same injury can present drastically different from one person to another – as this keeps me on my toes.”

Over the years of working in private practice, Ken has excelled in managing a wide range of injuries and has developed a strong interest in treating tendon issues, ACL injuries and persistent pain. Known for his collaborative approach to healthcare, he regularly touches base with other members of the client’s management team and isn’t afraid of getting a second opinion if the recovery is not tracking as expected.

He has completed additional clinical training courses in dry needling, advanced mobilisation techniques, motivational interviewing, ACL management and spinal and shoulder pain.

In his downtime, Ken enjoys spending time with his partner, staying fit at the gym and passionately supporting his soccer team. His career goals for the future is to develop his skills and knowledge in the field of paediatrics and work towards a post graduate Masters in Physiotherapy.

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Emily Hagan

Having grown up heavily involved in sports, Emily was inspired to pursue a career in physiotherapy knowing first-hand, the impact pain and injuries had on her own and her teammates’ sporting endeavours. She also wanted to be able to better understand how the body works, how to reduce injury rates and how to help people.

“I always had an awareness of the impact pain or an injury could have on sporting involvement and performance. This grew into a general curiosity of how the body works and physiotherapy allows me to use that understanding to help people”.

Emily graduated with a physiotherapy degree from Curtin University and has a strong interest in sporting injuries and sports rehabilitation. During the last few years, she has learnt about a wide range of conditions which affect people and is now particularly interested in back and neck pain. In general, Emily enjoys listening to her client’s stories and working with them to achieve whatever goals they may have – pain free of course!

Emily also has a keen interest in both Pilates and yoga, and will be completing further training in Clinical Pilates.

Outside of work Emily is still involved in sports, having represented Australia for synchronised ice skating, and even coming second last in C division social netball! She also loves the beach, bushwalking and drinking far too much coffee!

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Tom Hunter

Having always been interested in the human body and injury rehabilitation, Tom completed his physiotherapy degree at Curtin University where he undertook multiple placements in musculoskeletal outpatient settings.

“[As a physiotherapist], I enjoy the personal interaction with a wide range of people and the satisfaction of helping people resolve their pain, improve their quality of life and getting back to things they enjoy. I’m passionate about the link between exercise and mental health and see the biopsychosocial model of health care as particularly important.”

Tom has a particular interest in treating lower back, hip, groin and tendon injuries and finds taking a goal oriented approach to rehabilitation particularly useful and loves getting people back to sport and their hobbies.

Outside of work, Tom enjoys staying active – getting in the gym, practicing yoga, fishing and playing footy and basketball with his mates. A self-confessed “diehard and tragic supporter” of the Essendon Bombers, he also loves to talk and watch all things AFL, soccer and the NFL.

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James Chiang

James completed his Bachelor of Exercise Science and Masters of Physiotherapy in 2013 at Griffith University on the Gold Coast and since graduating, has worked in private practice and gained experience in managing a wide range of musculoskeletal injuries and disorders.

Additionally, James has been the club physiotherapist for high level football (Olympic FC) and basketball (Spartans SEABL) teams in Brisbane, helping his athletes achieve their peak performance and managing sporting injuries.

James has also worked in occupational physiotherapy, rehabilitating many clients back to work after workplace injuries. He enjoys treating sports injuries, low back pain, neck and shoulder pain, knee and ankle injuries and employing high level and detailed strength and conditioning programs.

He has a keen interest in not only managing his patients in the acute setting, but also providing his patients with a long-term plan for managing and preventing ongoing musculoskeletal issues.

James has completed additional training in dry needling, Clinical Pilates and taping and continues to keep up to date with the current evidence, allowing him to continue to provide a gold standard in physiotherapy care. He is also very interested in providing hydrotherapy and gym based exercise programs to aid in his patients recovery.

Outside of work, James is very keen on gym-based strength and fitness training, golf, squash and travelling the globe.

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Patrina Tay

Since completing her physiotherapy degree at Curtin University, Patrina has gained a wide range of experience from working in a variety of settings including post-operative patients at St John of God Hospital in Murdoch, extensive neurological and vestibular rehabilitation at MSWA and musculoskeletal conditions in private practice.

From a very young age, Patrina has had a passion for health and fitness and lived a very active lifestyle through participating in martial arts (both practicing and instructing at an international black belt level), strength/resistance training in the gym and running.

She aims to improve and maximise her clients’ health and quality of life through combining her clinical skills and knowledge and personal exercise and injury background to achieve their goals.

Additionally, Patrina has completed further training courses in dry needling and vestibular rehabilitation.

“Vestibular conditions are common and often misdiagnosed. Vertigo and dizziness are a major contributor to the burden of disability and not many people are aware that physiotherapists can successfully treat this population.”

Outside of work, Patrina enjoys keeping fit and active and enjoys setting fitness goals for herself. She loves anything outdoors including hiking, taking her dog to the park or beach and spending time with her friends and family.

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Julia Lee

Once upon a time, Julia was an elite gymnast back in Singapore and having encountered multiple injuries herself, decided on a career in physiotherapy to help people regain their function and return to sport with the correct management.

Since graduating with a Masters degree in physiotherapy from Curtin University, Julia has worked exclusively in private practice physiotherapy and over the years, has experienced managing a wide range of musculoskeletal conditions. Witnessing a variety of conditions, she has developed a keen interest in treating patients suffering from neck and back pain and associated sports injuries.

Julia has completed additional training under GLA:D Australia in the exercise management of hip and knee osteoarthritis. She also plans on completed further training in Clinical Pilates.

Outside of work, Julia enjoys spending time going for walks in the great outdoors or having a cake and coffee at a local café!

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Whether you’ve experienced a work related or sports injury, suffering from general aches and pain or are in need of post-surgery rehabilitation, our dedicated practitioners are here to help you recover and get ready for life again!

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