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Chiropractor Scarborough

Life Ready Physio Scarborough has recently welcomed chiropractor Nick who specialises in treating spinal (back) pain. Some of Nick’s favourite ailments include:

Neck related headaches

Many people can experience neck related headaches. Stress, sitting at a desk and osteoarthritis are some of the causes of these headaches. Nick can help realign your spine and relax associated muscles that are causing headaches.

Shoulder tightness and neck pain

Did you know that an old pillow maybe causing your shoulder tightness and neck pain? Nick can advise you on better sleeping postures and pillows tailored to you.

Mid back and rib pain

Are you sitting in front of a computer for long periods? Constant hunching forward can cause mid back muscles to weaken and tighten over time which can pull mid back and rib joints out of alignment. Nick can help realign rib joints and assist with strengthening your mid back with a tailored treatment plan specific to you.

Lower back pain

Some of the symptoms of lower back pain include pain when putting shoes on or standing from a seated position. This may be caused by a prolapsed disc (herniation), physical working conditions or dead lift gym exercises. Chiropractic treatment can help you with any of these causes of lower back pain.

Sciatica and buttock pain

Sciatica can cause buttock pain, tingling, numbness and pain down the leg. Nick can diagnose the factors associated with these symptoms and help you manage the issue.

Chiropractic Care

Few things in life are as frustrating as pain in the back or neck. Whether it occurred due to repetitive motion or an old vehicular accident, the constant aches can take away so much from every part of life. The pain can even make it more difficult to do the once-easy tasks.

While taking pain medications and undergoing surgery can help, there is a better, less invasive way to heal the body and get rid of the pain—and it is called chiropractic care.

Chiropractic care offers a range of incredible benefits:

  • It hastens the pain relief process.
  • It restores motions in the joints.
  • It works for both new and old trauma.
  • It helps the entire body function efficiently.
  • It can reduce stress.

Extensive Experience in Chiropractic Care

At Life Ready Physio, we offer chiropractic care as part of our physiotherapy service. We have a team of Scarborough chiropractors who have extensive experience in treating neck-related headaches, shoulder tightness, neck pain, rib pain, back pain, sciatica and buttock pain.

They have worked with a range of clients all over Western Australia, including weekend warriors, professional athletes and pregnant women.

Because our Scarborough chiropractors are highly trained, they can provide recommendations for patients when it comes to related health issues, such as proper nutrition and practicing therapeutic exercises.

Consistent Quality Results

With our use of the latest Scarborough chiro technology, as well as the seamless integration of both traditional and modern methods, we have been providing consistent quality results for patients.

We believe that chiropractic care is more than just pain relief. It is about understanding the health of your entire body, and taking care of it for a continuously pain-free life.

Book an appointment with Nick from Scarborough at Life Ready Physio today.

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