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Our Story & Vision

Our statement: One Life. One Body.

There is no undo in real life. No reset and no start again. We are all given one life and it’s up to us to live it the best way we can. We’re all given one body, and it’s the only one we’ll get. That’s what we mean when we say…One Life. One Body. At Life Ready, we use this statement because it reminds us of the journey we’re all on because. We all have dreams and desires for our lives and we believe that you want your tomorrow to be better than your today, because it’s about finding your best quality of life, whatever that looks like.

Our purpose: To be the benchmark of health

That’s why we started Life Ready – because we want to help you find and live your best quality of life. That life is impacted by your health, and sometimes health takes work. Often, it takes reaching out for help, and always, it takes a commitment to get better and to be better. For the thousands of patients who walk through our doors each month, Life Ready is more than just an appointment because we recognise that physiotherapy is more than just a pain relief, it’s an investment into your best quality of life. We take that investment seriously because we care about you finding your healthiest, fittest, strongest and most mentally tenacious, you.

We are accountable
to our values

Our commitment
to ongoing education

Life Ready’s growth

Since our humble beginnings, Life Ready has grown. We are now becoming a national brand as we expand across Australia with a passion to spread our message further. One Life One Body is a call to the entire country. A call to take care of our one life and one body as well as we can…because it matters.

The Future

The Future

We see a physio group that lifts the benchmark of the entire health industry and improves not just the level of treatment offered but the experience and environment in which it is offered. For the millions of Australians not just looking for pain relief, but looking for care and support to help them live their best life, we believe Life Ready will be a brand that helps. Our goal and vision is to be the best physio brand in Australia.

We do not have to be the biggest (that’s not important to us) but we must be the best and in our quest to help Australians live their one life and one body to the best quality they can, we will expand and grow to reach as many as possible. We will achieve this with the best treatment methodology for patients, the best physiotherapists and practitioners, the most innovative and powerful clinic environments and a values driven philosophy that maximises treatment success and client satisfaction.

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