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What’s so great about physiotherapy?

Jarrad Lethbridge 

“Physiotherapy is a healthcare profession that assesses, diagnoses, treats, and works to prevent disease and disability through physical means”
– The Australian Physiotherapy Association

Injury management

Physiotherapy is first and foremost aimed at promoting the healing of injury.  Physiotherapy can offer a specific diagnosis, treatment and pain management to ensure that the injury resolves as quickly as possible. Our aim is to restore function and to promote the best quality of life for the patient.

Injury prevention

Physiotherapy can assess and diagnose the risk of injury, and can implement strategies to prevent or minimise this risk. This involves posture correction, movement analysis, strength and conditioning, balance retraining, stretching and lengthening muscles and joint movement restoration. Preventing an injury is always far better than sustaining a possible lengthy, life altering injury.

Exercise prescription

Physiotherapy will help determine the goals that need to be achieved and tailor an exercise program to ensure optimal gains are achieved. Goals may include weight loss, strengthening, rehabilitation, injury prevention, and cardio vascular fitness.

Movement and posture

Movement and function are essential for a good quality of life and Physiotherapists are experts at analysing and restoring any deficits that may be present. Every tissue in our body responds to movement and loading, thus it is essential that these are normal to ensure optimal healing, prevent injury and to improve overall function.

Pain relief

Physiotherapy can offer a number of modalities to reduce pain in the short and long term. This is done through massage, acupuncture, joint mobilisations and manipulation, taping, strengthening, ultra-sound, electrical stimulation and education.

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