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Here at Life Ready Busselton, we have nurtured a welcoming environment where anyone can safely enjoy physiotherapist-led clinical Pilates sessions in pursuit of rehabilitation and better health.

Our Clinical Pilates classes include a range of stretches, strengthening positions, and methodologies adapted from physiotherapeutic practice. Although there are distinct schools of practice, most programs incorporate a few common principles, including concentration, control, balance, flow, precision, and breathing awareness.

At its essence, Pilates revolves around improving physical strength, flexibility, and posture. Thanks to its focus on building and maintaining core strength, it’s often used as a form of physical therapy to help rehabilitate injuries.

Why People Love Life Ready Physio + Pilates in Busselton

Everyone’s path to recovery is unique: We respect your freedom to choose your journey, and we’re here for it no matter how it unfolds.

Pilates promotes the rehabilitation of several problematic conditions for every person in all walks of life, including long-term discomfort, postural issues, and neurological issues. Talk to a Life Ready physiotherapist to learn whether Pilates might help you build strength, manage pain, or chart a smoother comeback after an injury.

Get Back on the Road to the Lifestyle You Deserve

Clinical Pilates serves many roles. Whether you want to focus on recovery, transition to a new form of regular exercise, or seek better health, our team can guide you forward.

As highly experienced physiotherapists, we know exercise is far easier to keep up with when you actually have fun with it. We’ll help you surmount the beginner hurdles, avoid exacerbating your injuries, and gently push yourself towards the healthy state you’d like to achieve.


Want to chat with an expert about making your recovery more exciting, sustainable, and successful? Book an initial assessment today online or give us a call on  9788 6105. 

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Our Approach

Our approach  is informed by accepted clinical practice and our experience as physiotherapists. We firmly believe that there’s no such thing as a one-size-fits-all solution for all patients. That’s why we work tirelessly to help you identify exercises that fit your medical history, needs, and desired fitness goals.

Our physiotherapists tailor every program to the needs of the individual – even when we’re having a blast doing group exercise! Our sessions and programs are more successful because they’re more sustainable for patients.

When you visit Life Ready Physio + Pilates in Busselton, we never just put you into a class and tell you to go for broke. Instead, you’ll start by chatting with a dedicated physiotherapist to review your history of injuries, medical conditions, current fitness levels, and personal relationship with rehabilitation. Even if you’ve had rough recovery experiences in the past, we help you start from a clean slate that makes it easier to look forward optimistically.

We’re passionate about helping you get into exercise and wellness. We’ve intentionally designed our facilities to be welcoming, educational environments where the only expectations you’ll have to deal with are those you set for yourself.

No matter why you want to try Pilates, we’re hyped to help you make it your own. Nothing pleases us more than helping patients enjoy positive experiences they’ll take with them even after leaving our clinics.

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