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At Life Ready Cockburn, the wellbeing of our clients are at the heart everything we do. Our team of experienced allied health professionals are passionate about helping you unlock your greatest inner potential. That’s why our treatment plans are begun by a personal assessment session where we go over your issues, your goals and your levels of confidence.

Our highly trained Cockburn physiotherapist team isn’t here to simply take you through the motions or slap a ‘one size fits all’ solution on any challenges you’re facing.

Instead, you’ll be working alongside your Cockburn physiotherapist to create and refine a course of sessions unique to your needs – and built on developing your strengths.

Each of your Cockburn physio sessions feature take home exercises and lifestyle advice, which means you have all the skills you need to succeed – however often or not your sessions may be.

By keeping the conversation going between your Cockburn physiotherapist and yourself, you can tailor your course on the fly for maximum effectiveness.

Cockburn physiotherapy can assist with your rehabilitation!

Are you ready to get moving towards your best possible quality of life? Book an appointment with one of our Cockburn physiotherapists today online or give us a call in clinic on 6168 8565. 

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How does Cockburn Physiotherapy help you?

Posture and repetitive strain problems

Whether you walk with a slouch by accident, you spend all day lifting heavy stock around at work, or you sit slumped at your office desk twitching the mouse and tapping the keyboard – nasty physical aches and pains can soon mount up.

Luckily, these symptoms are easily reversed. Your Cockburn physiotherapy course can make that happen for you, as well as giving you tips and tricks to prevent it happening again in the future.

Tennis elbow, sporting shoulder and athletic conditions

Your Cockburn physiotherapy sessions can help you make a fast recovery if indulging in your favourite sport has come with some unkind side effects.

Whether you accidentally overdid it during an intensive match, reached too far to return a magnificent tennis serve, or simply are feeling the burn more than you’d like from staying active.

Whatever your situation, what counts is getting you back in the game – fast. Your Cockburn physiotherapy team will work with you to make sure that happens.

Spinal pains, muscle tears and damaged bones

While you ought to always follow the advice as given by any medical professional when dealing with serious conditions of this nature, there is often a solid recommendation for physio treatment to help the body heal and strengthen. Here, Cockburn physio courses can work wonders!

Our Cockburn physio courses often take on challenging issues that affect clients’ bodies, from bumps and scrapes through to complex issues that cause back pain, or repairing the body following a nasty fracture.

Remember, we tailor what we offer to what you need – so let’s talk about it.

Headaches, migraines and chronic pain conditions

Migraines and piercing headaches are said to be the sign of a sensitive soul. Whether you believe that or not, they – plus conditions such as chronic pain – nevertheless can make life pretty unbearable.

Cockburn physiotherapy can not only overcome the sharp pains and difficult moving that these conditions often present, but also give you the know-how to remedy them in your personal life too.

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