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Life Ready Cockburn Women's Health Physio Service

After you’ve had your bub, women’s health physio can help you with:

  • Getting back into exercise again safely in a way that keeps your pelvic floor strong for the long haul – this is important if you’re keen to do high-impact exercise like running
  • Birth trauma like episiotomies, tears, or postnatal pain
  • Returning to sexual intercourse
  • Mastitis


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What’s women’s health physiotherapy and who can it help?

Pelvic floor (or pelvic health) physio can assist both men and women with problems related to the bladder, bowel, and reproductive areas. Common conditions physios treat in this area include:

  • Leaky bladder – from small leaks when you laugh, cough, run or jump to larger ones that soak pads or require a change of clothes, pain when urinating, pain down in the pelvis, or pain or difficulties with sexual intercourse.
  • Urinary urgency – you know that feeling when you need to go and need to go right now? Sometimes when you get to the bathroom, you notice you didn’t need to go after all.
  • Prolapse – that feeling like there’s something in your vagina, like a lump or a bulge, or maybe it starts as a heavy sensation down in the pelvis.

What about women who are pregnant, planning a bub, or have had one?

A women’s health physiotherapist can assist with a variety of symptoms you might have when you’re expecting, such as:

  • Incontinence
  • Lower back pain
  • Pelvic girdle pain or round ligament pain
  • Exercising safely for both you (your pelvic floor) and your little one, or
  • Getting ready for childbirth
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