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Quality health services are within your reach with Life Ready Physio + Pilates Midland Clinical Pilates. Our experienced team of therapists provide tailored care to meet your individual needs, helping you achieve your best possible quality of life. Before starting your Clinical Pilates sessions, you’ll sit down with one of our physiotherapists to discuss your goals and any requirements or limitations you may have. They will then develop a treatment plan that is tailored to your individual needs to ensure you’re getting the very most out of your Clinical Pilates sessions.

Whether you’re seeking relief from back pain or seeking to improve your performance in the gym, we’ve got the tools and knowledge to help you move towards your goals!

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What is Midland Clinical Pilates?

Pilates is a form of exercise that focuses on strengthening and stretching the muscles while improving posture and body awareness. Midland Pilates offers classes at various levels to suit different fitness needs and goals.

Whether you’re looking to improve your overall strength and flexibility or want to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle, Life Ready Midland Clinical Pilates has something for everyone.

Contact us today in clinic on 9250 7772 or book online to start working towards a healthier, happier life!

Why Choose Us?

Clinical Pilates offers numerous benefits, such as improving flexibility and core strength, maintaining healthy body weight, preventing injuries, and enhancing sports performance.

Some benefits of Life ready Midland Clinical Pilates include:

1. It gives you a good workout without being strenuous on your body. The exercises in Pilates focus on building flexibility and strength rather than on increasing stamina or endurance. They also utilize the entire body for movement using small repetitions that help improve coordination. Since the movements are slow with lots of control over each muscle group, there is less chance of developing overuse injuries.

2. It helps you relax and reduces stress. Pilates uses deep breathing exercises to help relax the body, slows down your heart rate, and lower blood pressure. These exercises can be combined with a massage or some other relaxation technique to maximize benefits to the body and mind.

3. It improves flexibility and posture, which is essential for overall health and athletic performance in any sport or activity. In addition, it strengthens your core muscles, including those in your back, abdomen, hips, and buttocks, which are all essential for better posture and balance.This not only makes you look great but also prevents injuries such as sprains, strains, and muscle tears while helping you perform better in sports and daily activities.

4. It helps maintain a healthy weight by using your body weight as resistance during exercises such as planks and lunges. These help build lean muscle mass, boosting your metabolism, so you burn more calories while resting.


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