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Many of us enjoy pampering ourselves by getting a massage, but it’s more than just a lavish luxury. Remedial means “intended as a remedy” and remedial massage is used as a treatment for several conditions that can inhibit a person’s quality of life.  At our Life Ready Physio + Pilates in Perth CBD, massage is used by many of our patients who are trying to combat pain and move toward their best possible quality of life.

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What is remedial massage?

Remedial massage is a complementary therapy, a treatment usually used alongside more traditional practices. It’s used to treat muscles that are tense, knotted, damaged, or immobile. The depth and pressure of massage depend on the needs of the individual.

Pain can radiate toward other areas, making it difficult to locate its origin. Remedial massage aims to identify the damaged muscles and repair them which can subsequently eliminate pain in the muscles, bones, and tendons in other areas of the body.

What can remedial massage be used to treat?

Remedial massage is useful as part of a treatment plan for a variety of conditions, including:

  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Fatigue
  • Arthritis
  • Headaches
  • Pain in the neck, back, and shoulders
  • Acute injuries (e.g. sports injuries)
  • Addiction
  • Side effects of diabetes
  • Side effects of certain cancers

The Road to Recovery

At Life Ready Physio + Pilates, we incorporate remedial massage into the individualised treatment plan of our patients whose quality of life may be improved with this type of therapy. If you want to find out what we can do for you, book an appointment with us today!

Types and Benefits of Remedial Massage

At Life Ready Physio + Pilates, we offer several types of remedial massage as part of the individualized treatment plan for some of our patients.

Myofascial Release Techniques

Myofascial pain can present in different ways. It can cause ongoing pain, show up as knots, and limit your mobility in your shoulders, hips, legs, and back. The goal of myofascial release is to relax, lengthen, and align your fascia to regain your range of motion and reduce or fully eliminate your pain.

How is it done?

After identifying a pain point of origin, your massage therapist will stretch it using light pressure. This usually takes a few minutes for each pressure point. The result is a release of tension in the area caused by trauma.

Trigger Point Therapy

Trigger points are points of tension in the body, which feel like small stones under the skin. Sometimes they are painful and sensitive, and other times, they cause no pain. If enough trigger points build up, it can lead to significant pain in a large area of your body.

How is it done?

Using manual pressure, your physical therapist temporarily cuts off circulation to the trigger point. This causes an increase in nitric oxide in the tissue. In response, your body opens up microcapillaries, which allows more blood to flow to the tissue and disrupt the cycle of pain and spasm.

Deep Tissue Massage

The effects of deep tissue massage are often compared to non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medication. It uses knowledge of the body’s muscular layers to relieve inflammation in the innermost layers of your muscles, as well as pain, stiffness, and tendon injuries.

How is it done?

First, your physical therapist will warm up your muscles using a light touch. Then they will work on your problem areas using kneading and stroking motions with varying degrees of intensity to target the inner muscular layers and tendons.

Sports Massage

Sports massage therapy aims to relieve and prevent tension that builds up during physical activity. It can be broken down into four categories: pre-event, post-event, restorative, and rehabilitative. These subtypes use different techniques to optimize your muscle function to perform or heal when you need them to.

How is it done?

Sports massage borrows techniques from other disciplines that can best serve each person’s needs. It often involves locking and stretching the muscles, and requires consistent feedback to gain positive results.

Pregnancy Massage

The goal of pregnancy massage, also known as prenatal massage, is to relieve muscle aches commonly experienced during pregnancy. As a result, it often leads to patients experiencing less depression and anxiety, reduced foot and ankle swelling, more restful sleep, and an improvement in overall mood.

How is it done?

There are many different techniques that may be used to achieve relief and relaxation during pregnancy, which can range from a light full-body massage to intense pressure targeted at deeper tissues.

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