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Life Ready is reducing the need to physically attend our clinics by introducing an exciting national Telehealth platform for physio.

For the majority, delivery of physiotherapy via video health to the comfort of your own home will be a new experience, but our clinics across Australia are well established and we have had great feedback from patients who have been using the service. 

  • Over 200 qualified Life Ready trained physiotherapists
  • We’ve performed over 12,000 consults via video health
  • Nation wide coverage
  • Encrypted and certified to ensure your privacy
  • Get the help you need from the safety of your own home
  • Struggle with technology? Don’t worry. We’ll help you connect!

What can I expect during a video health consultation?

To gain a better understanding of your pain, you’ll be asked questions relating to your pain, asked to trial certain movements or physical exercises/tests, touch or point to areas of aggravation, and perhaps, send through photos of bruising, swelling or any changes in condition.

Once your physiotherapist has gathered enough information on your area/s of concern they will provide you with a diagnosis and explanation of your pain.

Now that you’ve been given a name for your pain, we’ll help you self-manage.

Self-managing your pain encourages you to use specific treatment strategies that you can do yourself, learn new skills and manage your own health needs without being too reliant on your physiotherapist. Don’t worry, we’re not going anywhere though. We’ll still help you along every step of the way! Your physiotherapist will explain and demonstrate the specific self-management strategies required like foam rolling, using theraband or stretching and keep you motivated to stay on track in your home environment.

During times of crisis, our physiotherapists have added “delivery driver” and “postie” to their resumes – so they can drop off any clinic equipment you may need to aid in your recovery to your front doorstep!

Rehabilitation exercises and other useful do’s and don’ts relating to your rehabilitation in your home environment that could be beneficial to your recovery will be explored. Following your consultation, your physiotherapist can send you any information and notes on what has been discussed.

Life Ready physiotherapists are always looking to enhance the patient experience and meet your expectations and needs. The treatment plan was developed with this in mind and your physiotherapist can email it to you following your consultation.

Tailored to your own health, fitness and wellbeing goals, your treatment plan also holds the physiotherapist accountable for their treatment and management of your injury or condition. After all, that’s why you came to see the physiotherapist in the first place!

What conditions can you treat via video health?

Good news, we can help treat everything via video health.

Whether you’re experiencing back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain, elbow pain, have injured yourself from playing sport, are suffering from headaches, or require advice on a correct ergonomic setup, we’re here to help.

Additionally, our women’s health physiotherapists can also provide treatment and advice via video health on many pre and postnatal and women’s health issues like pelvic pain, bladder or bowel leakage, pelvic floor muscle weakness or breast feeding problems such as blocked milk ducts or mastitis – saving you the stress and anxiety by helping you get quality advice and care quickly without having to leave the house.

The nitty gritty techy stuff

We understand, not everyone is tech savvy, so if you struggle with technology, we’ll help you get set up from the very beginning.

Declan™ can be used via an application on Apple and Android devices, on Safari as well as via Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox on your computer. It is easy to use, but our receptionists have been well trained in video health and over the phone, will walk you through everything you need to do just to make sure you’re comfortable as you navigate this new way of receiving healthcare. Just make sure you have a working internet connection!


Fees and payment

With the exacerbated need for people to access online physiotherapy, most private health insurance companies are now offering rebates for video health (telehealth) consultations. Eligibility still applies, so please chat to your private health insurer to find out what your level of cover entitles you for. You can quote the item numbers 811 and 812 to find out what your rebate may be.

Payment is made upfront prior to your video health consultation and your receipt can be emailed to you so you can claim your rebate (if eligible) directly from your private health insurer.

  • Initial video health consultation: 45min
  • Subsequent video health consultation: 30min
Our video health consultations allow you to keep a healthy physical distance when needed, stay safe, keep you connected to your physiotherapist and stay “life ready” during these unprecedented times.

Over 200 physios waiting to service you Australia wide

Mardi Hatch

An APA titled Sports and Exercise Physiotherapist, Mardi completed her physiotherapy degree at Curtin University in 2012 and has worked exclusively in the private practice and sports setting since.

She has also completed her Clinical Masters, majoring in Sports Physiotherapy at Curtin University and along with her work at the clinic, Mardi has also worked in the AFL and AFLW space at both a local and elite level.

Mardi enjoys treating and rehabilitating a wide range of musculoskeletal injuries with a keen interest in treating and managing sporting injuries. She is trained in both Clinical Pilates and dry needling and has a passion for helping her clients become as active and healthy as they possibly can, achieve their goals and reach their full potential. She strives to keep up to date with the latest evidence and research to ensure her practice remains evidence based.

Outside of work Mardi enjoys travelling, being outdoors and staying active and walking and is dedicated to regularly practicing yoga and Pilates. She has recently welcomed her first baby into the world.

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Sarah Krummenacher

Sarah completed her physiotherapy degree at the University of Notre Dame and in addition to her undergraduate degree, she also completed an Honours research project and received First Class Honours for her thesis investigating central pain mechanisms in Achilles tendinopathy.

Sarah has extensive experience in treating a wide range of musculoskeletal injuries and disorders, ranging from acute sporting injuries to chronic and complex pain conditions. Sarah has completed additional training in dry needling and Clinical Pilates and has a keen interest in learning and keeping up to date with the latest research and gold standard treatments.

Over the years, Sarah has worked in multiple clinics around Perth and has been a part of the Life Ready Bayswater team from the early stages of its opening. She is passionate about getting to know her clients, understanding their individual needs and concerns, and working together as a team to achieve personal goals. Sarah has a special interest in managing sporting injuries, neck pain, headaches and lower back pain, and believes strongly in rehabilitation and injury prevention.

Outside of work, Sarah loves playing tennis and netball and enjoys travelling to and exploring new places.

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Simon Carbone

Simon graduated from Curtin University with a BSc Physiotherapy and University of Western Australia with a BSc Exercise & Health. He has worked in both in private practice and in occupational health. Simon was recently nominated for an ARPA industry award for innovation to return to work, this was for the integration of exercise in assisting clients with mental health conditions.

Simon is a qualified personal trainer, he has undertaken post graduate study in DMA pilates with level 1 and 2 accreditation and dry needling. Simon has a special interest in sports injuries, lower back and knee injury rehabilitation. Simon enjoys seeing clients make great gains from enjoyable and specific exercise programs for any condition.

Simon loves his sport, with a keen following of the west coast eagles and perth glory. He has played soccer for many years and enjoys keeping fit. Simon enjoys spending quality time with his wife and family, he is a keen traveller and loves to chat about his favourite world destinations.

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Scott Garvey

An APA registered physiotherapist, Scott has over 10 years of experience working in musculoskeletal, sports and occupational health physiotherapy and has a special interest in persistent musculoskeletal pain, occupational injury prevention and managing injuries in the workplace.

In 2013, Scott partnered with Life Ready Physio to open Perth’s CBD clinic and has enjoyed the challenge and diversity of physiotherapy, small business and people management ever since.

Scott is also proud to be involved in the clinical supervision for Curtin University Physiotherapy Student Practicums.

Away from clinic, Scott enjoys the amazing WA coastline, live music and the ongoing search for the world’s best almond croissant.

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Ashlee Howe

Along with a desire to have a career where she is able to help people and improve their quality of life, Ashlee chose physiotherapy because it also combines her interests in human biology, health, fitness and science. She also loves it because it means she can chat to people and it doesn’t involve her sitting behind a desk all day!

She completed her physiotherapy degree at Curtin University, graduating in 2013 and now loves being able to help people become more independent, pain free, stronger and to be able to do things they didn’t think possible. “I love empowering each client to get the best out of their body.”

She has a keen interest in knee and running related injuries and enjoys rehabilitating clients after motor vehicle accidents in the clinic and watching them progress to active gym rehabilitation. She also gravitates towards posture related aches and pains in the form of ergonomics, headaches, low back pain and TMJ/jaw pain.

Outside of work, Ashlee loves to partake in anything active! She likes being in situations where she gets to meet new people and push herself out of her comfort zone. Besides being a professional bouquet catcher at weddings, she loves an adventure and has bungee jumped in New Zealand and paraglided across the Austrian alps!

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Leon Green

Having always had an interest in science, health and exercise, and with a love for interacting with people, Leon gravitated towards physiotherapy because it allows him to pursue all of those interests and at the same time, have a positive impact on the people that he meets.

Leon completed his undergraduate Bachelor of Sport and Exercise Science at the University of Ballarat and graduated in 2012, then undertook his Masters of Physiotherapy at the University of Queensland, graduating in 2015.

He grew up in South Gippsland on a dairy farm, and since he had a lot of older brothers and sisters who lived in and around Melbourne, it felt right to be closer to family and friends, making the formal move to the big city.

Getting to meet new people every day, Leon enjoys hearing his clients’ different stories, learning new things from them and helping his them through a challenging time in their life.

He has a keen interest in the multifactorial nature of pain, especially as it relates to persistent pain. “It’s a really interesting process of unpacking all the contributing factors that build into someone’s issue and providing solutions for that. A goal with my work is to provide simple solutions for complex problems.”

2018 saw Leon complete his first marathon, something that he is very proud of, having a strong passion for running and exercise. He also plays three different instruments!


*Senior physiotherapy surcharge applies

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Libby Borman

“In 1998 I finished year 12 and the TER, and I needed to make a decision about going to university or taking a gap year. I had a very in-depth discussion with my older sister, who helped me realise that I enjoyed being around people and helping them. At high school, I had several physiotherapists help me recover from sporting injuries. They inspired me to go to university and become a physiotherapist.”

Libby studied at Curtin University, graduating in 2002 and then went back to further her studies in 2007, obtaining her Graduate Certificate in Clinical Physiotherapy, specialising in Continence and Women’s Health. She now enjoys developing a relationship and establishing trust with her clients and loves that as a physiotherapist, she is able to meet many different types of people.

Libby is passionate about the women’s and men’s health area of physiotherapy – helping people with bladder or bowel problems and pelvic or sexual intercourse related pain. “I love being able to help women with any problems that come up

during or after pregnancy and if I can help someone beat the challenge of breastfeeding, I feel very successful.”

Outside of work with our Yokine team, Libby likes to spend time with her family and come up with fun adventures to do with her children. She also loves to bake, and then eating the yummy results!

As an experienced practitioner, Libby has a wide range of physiotherapy knowledge and integrates it with essential life skills to be a successful clinician, and enjoys being able to make men, women and children feel comfortable to discuss all sorts of private matters which is important to really understanding their problems.

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Jordan Daw

During his junior sporting years, Jordan had a lot of involvement with physiotherapy due to a number of injuries, which really generated his interest toward the field. He soon realised the positive impact that a physiotherapist can have on someone, which projected him down the path towards physiotherapy.

After completing a degree in Exercise and Health, followed by a graduate diploma in Exercise Rehabilitation at the University of Western Australia, Jordan completed an undergraduate degree in physiotherapy at Curtin University, graduating in 2017.

Jordan enjoys being able to help people make active choices toward positive health behavior in their life and says, “it is really satisfying to see people take control of their health.”

Jordan has a keen interest in all musculoskeletal and sports injuries and enjoys undertaking exercise rehabilitation, working alongside junior athletes.

Outside of work Jordan loves playing basketball, keeping healthy at the gym, spending time at the beach and is always trying to find somewhere new to go camping. He’s also a pretty good piano and guitar player!

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Matt Thomas

Having completed his physiotherapy degree at Curtin University in 2009, Matt is now both a senior physiotherapist and owner of Life Ready Physio + Pilates Yokine and Life Ready Physio + Pilates Inglewood.

He has a special interest in the assessment and treatment of back and neck pain, as well as managing and assisting clients with chronic musculoskeletal conditions.

Matt believes in client focused treatment, more specifically, addressing the patient’s own goals for rehabilitation and ensuring these goals are met, by employing a specific treatment plan aimed to ensure problem resolution.

In addition to this, Matt has a strong passion for ensuring his clients understand the importance and benefits of regular exercise and assisting them in implementing specific and individualised exercise programs to ensure pain resolution and better overall health outcomes.

Away from work, Matt is an avid Geelong supporter and music enthusiast, as shown by his extensive vinyl record collection, displayed and played at Life Ready Physio Yokine.

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Avril Grealish

Avril graduated from the University of Western Australia in 2010 with a Bachelor of Science majoring in Anatomy and Physiology before embarking on her chosen career in physiotherapy. She completed her qualifications at Curtin University graduating with a Bachelor of Science in Physiotherapy with Honours.

As a physiotherapist, Avril has a keen interest in musculoskeletal injury management, dance and sporting injuries, Clinical Pilates and women’s health. She is dedicated to helping each individual achieve their personal goals through treatment with a holistic approach to their lifestyle.

Employing hands-on treatment, with patient specific rehabilitation programs, she hopes to equip patients with independent management strategies to live life at their absolute best.

Away from the clinic, Avril is a qualified Irish dancing coach dedicating much of her spare time to her dancers. She also loves travelling, capturing a great photo and experiencing the culinary offerings of the world with friends and family.

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Ben Haning

Having always been interested in sport and activity, Ben chose a career in physiotherapy as he believes the two are aligned in values, along with his strong desire to help people achieve their personal goals.

He completed his studies at Curtin University, graduating in 2013. He his currently completing a post-graduate Masters course in Sports Physiotherapy and additional training in strength training in athletes.

Collaboratively, he loves helping relieve people of their pain and empowering them to change their lifestyle for the better.

Ben has a keen interest in lower back, hip and shoulder pathology and likes working with athletes of all levels – whether that be at an elite level, or a weekend warrior.

He is also interested in the treatment and management of complex, persistent pain conditions and likes to use exercise with strength and conditioning principles in the treatment of musculoskeletal problems.

Outside of work with our Perth CBD crew, Ben enjoys travelling, bike riding and often, a combination of the two! He also loves to dive and surf and will often be found trying new experiences outdoors.

With his passion for travel, he spent two years living and working in London, and even spent one month cycling 2000kms through Western Europe!

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