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By Ellen Phillips
Physiotherapist at Life Ready Physio + Pilates Bayswater


In the long term, you will never regret investing in your health. We often take being healthy for granted, until injury occurs. Orthopaedic surgeries on areas such as the lower back and neck, and joint replacement surgeries are becoming increasingly common. This is why it’s in our best interest to look after our bodies to avoid requiring these surgeries wherever possible. 

Physiotherapy can be a great way to invest in your health, prevent the need for surgery and aid in post surgery recovery.

Injury prevention can save money on surgery and rehabilitation costs. Physiotherapists can conduct detailed assessments to determine why a certain joint may be causing pain or prevent you from doing an activity you enjoy. They can provide massage, joint mobilisation and dry needling, among other treatments, to help release muscles and joints that are restricting movement or causing pain. 

Physiotherapists can also assess if certain muscles need to be strengthened to support the spine or peripheral joints, such as the knees or hips. They can then prescribe exercises to target these weak areas.

If surgery is necessary, the success of the procedure isn’t determined once you leave the operating theatre. Much work needs to be done afterwards to optimise your results and rehabilitate the joint where the surgery was performed. Because of this, physiotherapy is a crucial part of post-surgery recovery. 

Following an operation, physiotherapists can give you exercises that increase joint range and muscle strength to ensure the best long-term results. Clinical Pilates can be a great form of gentle exercise that you can start soon after the surgery once you have been cleared by your surgeon. It is very adaptable to suit each stage of your rehabilitation, starting with gentle range of movement exercises and progressing to high-level strengthening and stability exercises. Clinical Pilates with a physiotherapist is a safe and effective form of exercise post-surgery, as physiotherapists will guide your progress, which decreases the risk of re-injury.    

Investing in your long-term health is extremely important. Physiotherapy and physiotherapist-led Clinical Pilates is a great way to promote injury prevention and invest in your health to save money on surgical and rehabilitation costs. Book an appointment today to start your journey towards your best self!

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