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Stand Up For Your (Back’s) Right: How to Treat Back Pain From Sitting All Day

By E-Lynn Tan

Physiotherapist at Life Ready Physio + Pilates Baldivis

How many hours do you sit in a day? 

When we pose this question to our clients and they start thinking about it, they surprise themselves with their own answers. They usually start their day sitting at the table having breakfast. Then they sit in the car or train or bus on the way to work. This is followed by an eight hour shift at a desk job, more sitting on the way home, at the dinner table, TV, and finally when reading or use their phones before going to bed.

Our bodies are meant to move!

We are getting a growing number of clients who are in desk-based roles at work presenting to our clinics with pain in their jaws, neck, back, hips and also with complaints of headaches. Many are unsure on how to change their lifestyle or where to start.

Here are a few tips to look after your back:

  • Set an alarm or put a little Post-it note on your monitor that will remind you to stand up and go for a walk
  • Stretch! Your physiotherapist will be able to teach you a few stretches to perform sitting and standing which do not require a lot of space, and can be performed at work
  • Book in for an individual or group supervised exercise session at any one of our Life Ready Physio + Pilates clinics! These sessions run from 30-45 minutes and are tailored to suit your individual needs
  • Get some hands-on treatment from a physiotherapist or remedial massage therapist. Treatment techniques may include massage, dry needling, joint mobilisations and manipulation
  • While you’re there, your physiotherapist will be able to prescribe an exercise program for you. Whether it is home based with minimal equipment or if you attend a fully equipped gym, your physiotherapist can tailor a program to suit your needs, help relieve your back pain and reach your personal goals
  • Ask for an ergonomic assessment for your desk setup at work. A proper setup can help to reduce symptoms and prevent unnecessary strain of your muscles

Remember, “motion is lotion”. Get up and get moving! If you want to make a meaningful difference to your pain and improve your health and lifestyle, book in to see one of our friendly physiotherapists.

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