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Recently our Life Ready team has been learning more about the best ways to treat joints in the body with dysfunction and pain. We have continuing professional development to better ourselves and move you towards the best quality of life.

Receiving manual treatment to our joints (shoulders/knees/ankles), in conjunction with home exercises is the best management for any problem. However this can be improved with taping to stimulate the nerves and help improve the range of movement and re position the joint.

Taping is a technique physiotherapists use for prophylaxis and rehabilitation. It’s been shown to be effective in stabilising ankles, assisting in knee function and knee cap alignment and has been diversified to improve shoulder stability.

When taping gives us the desired result it should be used in conjunction with the correct treatment and exercises until the symptoms have reduced or disappeared.

 Taping is a useful tool in not just assisting the peripheral joint with stabilisation, but is also extremely useful in assisting postural correction to reduce pain at the neck and shoulder blades which worsens with sitting at the computer or desk for long periods. It can help with giving you feedback as to how you should sit correctly to reduce strain and tension at the joints of the neck and upper back.

 Tape can last for 2-3 days and can get wet.

 Speak to your physiotherapist about receiving some taping to help your pain.

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