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They see me rollin’… I’m hurtin’!

Written by Jacqui Hickey
Physiotherapist at Life Ready Physio CBD

As the days become warmer, more of us are mounting our trusty steeds (bicycles) for the commute to and from work, or to earn some decent kilometers on the weekend.

Whilst cycling feels good and is great for our health, time in the saddle combined with desk work, can contribute to back, knee and even neck pain.

One common issue for cyclists and office works are tight hip flexors.  When these two activities are combined, their effect can be magnified. Tight hips can make it harder to use our important butt muscles as well as abdominals. Thus enter low back pain.

Weak posterior shoulder muscles, tight pectorals and stiff thorax are also a common in cyclists and office workers.  This loads the neck, causing increased occurrence of neck pain.

And it is a similar story for the knees. Tightness opposed by weakness can lead to issues with the illiotibial ban.

Bike setup and cycling technique can influence which muscles we use when we ride.  Similarly, poor desk setup and postural habits can enforce the tightness and opposing weakness.

To ensure you are doing what is best for your body, to get on top of any niggles, stiffness or pain, or get some advice regarding the best stretches for your body, book an appointment with your local physiotherapist at Life Ready Physio. 

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