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13 Ways To Improve Your Health In 60 Seconds Or Less

Before we go any further, HAPPY NEW YEAR!

All of us at Life Ready Physio are so excited to see what 2015 has in store. We’re gearing up for a big year ahead with new clinic openings, an inspiring TV campaign, more physios, more receptionists and most importantly, we look forward to welcoming a new addition to the Life Ready family imminently… (more details to follow!)

Throughout the year we will continue our purpose of raising the bar of the health profession, with the ultimate goal of moving our clients to their best quality of life.

We want our patients to know that we are ever passionate about not only their rehabilitation, but their general well being – and that this extends beyond what happens in our clinics, and beyond physiotherapy. We are more than just about treating an injury – we are focused on bringing our patients to a place where they are as fit, healthy and happy as possible – we want to encourage each person to take hold of, and look after their one life and their one body.
We understand that if our clients are happy, their rehabilitation is made easier. At times, we can all be casualties of stress, pressure, eating habits and a poor exercise regime, so thanks to Huffington Post Healthy Living,  we want to encourage everyone in the Perth community to take a moment each day to apply 13 simple techniques to improve their health and well being. We’ve only one life – let’s make it a good one!



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