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How Physiotherapy Can Help Relieve Your Headaches

Emma Glynn
Managing Executive and Senior Physiotherapist at Life Ready Physio + Pilates Camberwell

Headaches, the unwelcome guests that can disrupt your day and steal your joy, are all too familiar to many of us. Whilst over-the-counter painkillers can provide temporary relief, incorporating physiotherapy into your management plan can help assist in the relief of headaches.  

In this article, we’ll explore the latest evidence supporting physiotherapy as a promising option for headache management. 

Understanding the anatomy of headaches 
Headaches can be caused by a wide array of factors including muscle tension, poor posture, stress, or even underlying medical conditions. To effectively manage headaches, it’s vital to understand their origins. By addressing the root causes, physiotherapy can offer long-lasting relief and prevent recurring pain. 

Unveiling the evidence: The impact of physiotherapy
Recent research underscores the effectiveness of physiotherapy in headache management. Studies reveal that techniques such as manual therapy, postural correction, and targeted exercises can help reduce headache frequency and intensity. By working closely with a physiotherapist, you can develop a personalised plan that aligns with your specific headache triggers and needs(1). 

Life Ready Headache Treatment

Strengthening your posture and reducing tension
Poor posture and muscle tension are common culprits behind many tension-type headaches. A skilled physiotherapist can teach you how to improve your posture and ergonomics, helping to ease muscle tension and reducing the strain on your neck and shoulders.  

Addressing the root cause with physiotherapy
Physiotherapy is not just about treating the symptoms; it’s about uncovering and addressing the root causes of your headaches. A holistic approach involves strengthening the neck and shoulder muscles, improving flexibility, and teaching relaxation techniques.   

Embrace a headache-free life
Headaches should never stand in the way of your happiness and productivity. With the support of physiotherapy, you can work towards taking control of your health, learn how to manage headache triggers, and embrace a life free from the clutches of headaches. 

Don’t let headaches dictate your life—take the first step towards relief. Book an appointment with our experienced physiotherapists who can guide you through a personalised treatment plan, tailored to your unique needs.  



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