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Am I eligible for the NDIS?

“There are people who are way worse off than I am.”

“There’s so much I can still do.”

“It’s okay, I can manage like this.”

“I only need a little bit of help.”

“Where do I even start?”

When a lot of people start looking into the NDIS scheme, they have a lot of questions and doubts! They may feel that their condition isn’t severe enough to warrant help, or be overwhelmed about where to start. Questions about eligibility are among the most common, so we wanted to simplify it for you!

The NDIS is Australia’s first national scheme for people with disability and provides funding directly to individuals. It is for people with a diagnosed permanent and significant disability – this means it is likely to be lifelong, and has a substantial impact on your ability to complete everyday life activities. So if you have an injury that will heal, despite its impact on your life, it’s temporary nature means that you would not qualify for the NDIS

Here is a basic checklist that you can use before beginning the process, to see if you might be eligible to receive support.

1. Age

You must be aged between 7 and 65. If your child is younger than 7, or you are over 65 there are other services that could assist you.

2. Citizenship

To access the NDIS you need to live in Australia and be:

An Australian Citizen, or

A Permanent Visa holder, or

A Protected special category Visa holder

3. Assistance

You require help from someone or need to use special equipment due to a permanent and significant disability.

If you answered yes to the criteria above, you may be eligible to receive support from the NDIS. This could be in the form of therapies, assistive technology or even home modifications!

Head to for information regarding the application process and your next steps!

For further information about the NDIS and how we can assist you during this process, visit here or email our team at You can also head over to our Life Ready Mobile website to learn more about our services and support.

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