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NDIS Assistive Technology (AT) Series: Part Two

1. Assistive technology during COVID-19

As COVID-19 continues, NDIA has provided more flexibility on what can be used with your NDIS funding. This is to ensure that you still get the support you need. For example, if you need a smart device to access dietetic services via video health and it is not funded through another support system such as education, you can use your NDIS funding within the low cost, low risk category. You do need a letter or email outlining the essentiality of the assistive technology (AT) from your service provider. The written recommendation would be either uploaded to your record or emailed (by your provider or plan manager) to

As of 9 May 2020, and until September 2020, if you do not have the funding for AT in your NDIS plan to buy any equipment required for delivery of the service you need, you may use a special funding called “COVID-19 Low Cost AT to support Capacity Building support delivery” to purchase a low-cost AT.

Tips: If you need any low-cost AT equipment required for your therapy, we recommended mentioning it during your planning review, for future accessibility.



2. Repairs for your assistive technology

Wear and tears of your AT are common and it’s good to make sure funding for maintenance and repairing of these are included in your NDIS plan.

Here’s how you can ensure funding is included for your AT:

  • Contact an AT repair provider

You can check on the NDIS portal, your support coordinator or the NDIA National Call centre on 1800 800 110 to find information on repair providers

  • Acquire quotes and arrange payment

NDIA approvals are usually needed for repairs that cost more than $1500.

If you are:

  • Self-managed, you will pay the provider directly and obtain a reimbursement on the NDIS portal
  • Plan-managed or NDIA-managed, your provider/plan manager can make the repair claims on your behalf. If they are unable to do so, they will contact the National Call Centre to seek pre-claim authorisation approvals. Your name, NDIS number and date of birth is required for this step

Assistive technology can help make a task safer, simpler and give you a greater independence, so contact us on to learn more.




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