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Four tips for running the City to Surf

Here are four tips for running the City to Surf from Professional Runner, Neil Berry.

1. Stay well fed and hydrated
Pre-race nerves might make you feel like your appetite or thirst is lacking before the race, so stick to simple foods, no closer than 2 hours before the race. Remember water is the best form of hydration pre, mid and post-race.

2. Run your own race
Don’t get swept up in someone else’s race plan. Spend five minutes the night before working out what time you want to run and what the corresponding pace per km is so that you can keep checking with the markers along the course.

3. Get warmed up AND down
Walking briskly to the start line and utilising the Life Ready Physio warm-up crew might garner some unwanted attention from your fellow runners, but when you’re feeling strong up that first hill, it’ll be worth it. Post-race foam rolling, stretching and a protein-rich meal will help hugely.

4. Remember to have fun
Above all else, remember to put the ‘fun’ in fun run. Whether you’ve been preparing for 6 months or 6 minutes for this event, don’t make it a bigger deal than it is. The City to Surf is one of Perth’s largest community events, so motivate and encourage those around you where possible.

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