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So you’ve been injured at work…

By E-Lynn Tan
Physiotherapist at Life Ready Physio Baldivis

Getting injured at work is often unexpected and for most people, the first thing you feel is panic. Don’t. We are here to help you! Here is what you can do and how our Life Ready physiotherapists can help you on your journey to becoming pain free from a workplace incident.

Report the incident
An injury, however minor, needs to be reported to the relevant authorities at your workplace. This could be the project manager or supervisor, your employer or your team leader. In the report, be as thorough as you can, describing the events that led up to your injury as well as what happened immediately after. This will give your employer and the medical and health practitioners that will be looking after you a better understanding of your nature of injury.

Book an appointment with your doctor
Let your doctor know that you will be making a workers’ compensation claim, so he or she will be able to fill in the necessary documents. Here, your doctor will perform an assessment to report on the extent of your injuries and determine the likelihood of returning to your previous hours and capacity at work.

Get some physiotherapy treatment
Before making your first appointment, make sure you have your first medical certificate and your letter of liability as these let us know that your claim has been accepted and who we need to liase with regarding your injury. It is important for us to work with your medical practitioner and case manager (from the insurance company) to ensure we are all on the same page to get you back to work! Also, don’t forget to bring all the mentioned paperwork as well as any other scan results or doctor referral letters for us to read and keep on file.

Let’s work together to achieve your goals
Your physiotherapist will be working alongside you to help you get back to your previous work capacity and level of physical activity! We will develop a tailored and comprehensive treatment plan, just for you, so you can keep on track to achieving your health goals and returning to work.

All of our clinics accept workers’ compensation claims and are fully competent in liaising with all parties to ensure your case is handled with the care and attention it deserves. Insurance cases can be a little tricky, but we are here to help you. For further information on how our team can help you after a workplace incident, contact your local Life Ready team now.

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