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To celebrate the opening of our brand new Life Ready Scarborough clinic at 203 West Coast Highway we are taking a look today at all things summer. It’s been an early start this year and already you can see people out hitting the footpath, dusting the winter cobwebs off the bike and taking a plunge in the ocean.

For many who hibernate over winter this means that there is some work to do to be ‘beach ready’ for summer. For a lot of people this involves dragging on the trainers for a run, joining that bootcamp you see people doing on your way to work, seeing if you still fit into that bikini/those speedo’s and unfortunately for many nursing those old injuries that ended last years fitness campaign.

Fortunately this year will be different!

Until now there’s been something you’ve been missing!



The foam roller may well be the most effective self treatment tool available.  It’s popularity over recent years has been surging due to the excellent results it provides for injured weekend warriors and those who have long suffered with niggling problems. Soothing muscle aches, improving muscle flexibility and performance.

‘Foam rolling’ is a form of self myofascial release. Put simply it takes those muscles you’ve spent the last 6 months knotting up with repetitive strain, inflammation and irritation and helps you untie them. This may sound very uncomfortable and often takes some getting used to but the results when done correctly can be astonishing.

Foam rollers can be used by almost anyone, personally I highly recommend their use in people with postural problems, aching necks and backs from too much time at the computer, lower back pain, repetitive sports injuries, runners and triathletes. Rollers come in varying densities and sizes and there is no limit to the exercises you can perform one them.

Give your local Life Ready Physio a call and drop in to the clinic to try one out and discuss the benefits foam rolling can give you. How to roll, what to roll and how to ease your specific problem.

For those of us who cannot afford to have a massage everyday the foam roller is the next best thing.


For those who can, come book in to see our fantastic new remedial and sports massage therapist Emma Russell. Bookings on 6500 3228, discounted deals running all of November. She’s much friendlier than a piece of foam.

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