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What is a NDIS Service Agreement?

Now that you’ve planned out your supports, mapped how you would like to utilise your funds and decided on a service provider, you will now need to write up a NDIS service agreement.

It is good practice to refer to your NDIS plan when you start writing this.

A NDIS plan differs from a service agreement in that it explains what your individual goals are and the support you have or need. A service agreement on the other hand, is about the relationship you have with your service provider and how they will deliver this support. It is somewhat like a contract between you and your provider and makes sure that you and your provider abide to the rules initially agreed upon.

Your service agreement should be simple. Fundamentally, it should have the following information:

  • What therapeutic supports you will receive and the rate at which they are charged
  • How long and how frequent this support will be provided (total number of hours allocated for the service)
  • What is expected of you and your provider
  • How will the supports be paid
  • You and your provider’s contact details and consent
  • How you can end or change the agreement

Your service provider may have a service agreement template that you’d like to use or you may write up one on your own.

Being a participant, you have the authority to choose and decide who and how you would like your services to be delivered. If any part of the service agreement is unclear or confusing, make sure you get clarification before signing or commencing services.

Lastly, make sure you keep a copy of this service agreement so you may review it from time to time and keep track of the service hours that have been provided to you.

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